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Servicing Projectors

Tim gregory

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I have a couple of Christie LX605 projectors (Sanyo XM150) that have yellowing on the optics.


I have opened them up and given them a blast with compressed air but they need a bit more of an extensive clean.


Is it difficult to strip these down to the optical path? - I have done this a number of times with the old Sanyo XF series projectors but they were a bit more roomy...

Failing that is it cost effective to get a service on that size projector and can anyone recommend someone local to Northamptonshire for servicing?





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The service manual will tell you how to take them apart. You'll need to remove the main control board to get to the optics with a gazillion tiny plug and socket connections. The various bits, shutter etc then lift out.

There are a few hidden screws and some which you dont want to touch, hence the manual is a good help.

You might as well learn the process because they have something like 13 or 14 fans all with speed monitoring and sooner or later one is going to fail!

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Thanks for the reply.


As it turns out the optical path was all pretty dust free.


The polarized glass in the blue LCD path is pretty badly maked by heat and also the glass between the LCD and prism.


Is it possible to replace that glass next to the prism or would the whole prism assembly need replacing?


Any recommendations for sourcing parts?

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Just an update to this.


I've not got a contact for Panasonic spares. Panasonic UK pointed me in the direction of the resellers.


The cost of the required parts from Christie was over £1200.


I managed to pick up a used Panasonic PT-EX600 and a new bulb for a fraction of that price.

The Panasonic is basically the same unit and comparable with the Christie lenses I have. Interestingly the bulb is a slightly different connector.


I would still be interested in fixing the Christie if I find a suitable spares unit



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Part number for the FN905 Motor,fan DC 2.52W is 6451019769


Panasonic UK are in Bracknell on 01344 706900, the last fan I ordered took an age to arrive as stock is held in Holland not the UK.


They are on about closing the UK office.

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