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Sound Engineer/ Technical Director


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  • assess the acoustics of the performance area and assemble and operate the necessary equipment
  • consult with producers and performers to determine the sound requirements
  • select, position, adjust and operate the equipment used for amplification and recording
  • apply technical knowledge of sound recording equipment to achieve the determined artistic objectives
  • record sound onto digital audio tape or hard disk recorders
  • monitor audio signals to detect sound-quality deviations or malfunctions
  • anticipate and correct any problems
  • maintain and repair sound equipment.

Working in post-production, you'll need to:


  • integrate (synchronise) pre-recorded audio (dialogue, sound effects and music) with visual content
  • re-record and synchronise audio (post-synching)
  • mix and balance speech, effects and music
  • create and alter sound effects for use in films, television, etc.


AED 20.000/- Monthly.

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