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I upset my sound guy


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The poor chap looks violated everytime he has to open my channel, he even put up a bit of a fight when I first suggested using my lighting console as a SOURCE.


Doing a show which repeats a lot for a couple of weeks and have to do a "light show" to a 3 minute piece of music.


No hope of getting timecode via the sound dept so it was a manual ball ache.


Then I realised that MagicQ can play mp3 itself, and it trigger an internal timecode clock as it plays...

Now the sequence is all to timecode and repeats perfectly with only one button press from me.


Poor sound guy is not happy with the idea of audio coming from an lx console, let alone running it through his.


I take no pleasure from his discomfort in the slightest... ?

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Our MQ60 doesn't output sound directly, but one of our technicians has made up a DMX device which plays the sounds from an SD card on LX cue. The sound files are usually prepared by the sound designer and the only bit we have taken out is the need for a separate sound operator when we always have an LX one anyway. The sound designer often helps set the final levels, although more commonly the director does that now as having an audience makes a big difference in our tiny venue.


Of course, if the sound needs are particularly complex, then we use two operators but I haven't needed that in this venue for several years now. Originally it was intended only for shows with trivial sound needs, but further development of the device means we can handle more complex things now as running multiple cues or stacks concurrently is not a problem on the MQ60. If any faders on the sound desk have to be moved or patching changed in flight then we use a sound operator.

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