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Shows in Portugal


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I've never been to Portugal, and we're doing a couple of our band shows there at the end of the summer. Looks like the only airline viable will be Ryanair or Jet 2 from Stansted. They've asked for the sizes, but I'm just looking for anything specific about the country that might be different. We've asked for some generic backline - I'm not bothered too much on makes, but I don't know if the local crews are likely to be good, or as we found in the UAE, not so hot if they were locals, but fine if they are ex-pats working over there. Spain was OK last year and France good too, as was Germany and Holland. I don't know anyone who has done Portugal - I'm guessing it will be similar to Spain, but any warnings specific to the country would be handy. Last time on Ryanair, they dropped the guitarists Strat out of the aircraft into the tarmac - but that's probably just Swissair in general.
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