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Soundcraft 200 BVE and Delta PSU's


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Hi. Can anyone please help with some specifics on power supplies for the Soundcraft 200 BVE and 200 Delta? I used to have a 200 Delta and had two power supplies with it. No model number on the case but I've been told they are a PSM 1038. The PCB has the code Medium Console PSU SC1584. It has outputs at +17, -17, +24 and +48 V. I have recently sold one of these power supplies to a guy with a 200 BVE, as I understood it required the same power supply. He is telling me his cable from the 200 BVE does not fit this power supply. Any suggestions greatly received. I am pretty certain the 200 BVE requires the same voltages as the 200 Delta so perhaps just requires a different cable to connect. The Delta was a 24 channel. I believe the BVE is smaller. Perhaps this accounts for the connection cable mismatch. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks for all your help in advance.
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