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TSM for tour of MK ULTRA


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Technical Stage Manager brief


MK ULTRA is a stylish, slick and bold exploration of the bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding pop stars controlled by the CIA's real LSD fueled mind control experiments.


MK ULTRA mixes creator and choreographer Rosie Kay's thoroughly researched exploration of the rise of the Illuminati conspiracy in modern culture with filmmaker Adam Curtis' documentary elements to create a new kind of dance work.


MK ULTRA is visually arresting, with costumes from Lady Gaga's designer Gary Card, a gold mirrored stage, hypnotic triangular projections by Louis Price, a pulsing soundtrack of American trap music and a mesmerising score by electro-acoustic composer Annie Mahtani.


Seven dancers

Approx. running time 1 hour 10 minutes (70 mins, no interval)






We're looking for a confident operator (lights, sound and QLab) who has a good eye for detail and can manage the fit up and get-out. The show is high gloss and slick so it depends on a seamless presentation in each venue – an eye for detail is essential. We're a small company who work hard and foster a positive touring environment.


Technical Stage Manager Responsibilities:

  • To collaborate with James Preston (Producer), Rosie Kay (Choreographer/Director), Louis Price (Video & Set Designer), Annie Mahtani (Composer), Gary Card (Costume Designer) and Mike Gunning (Lighting Designer) as required, in order to technically produce MK ULTRA, which includes attending production meetings and observing rehearsals of MK ULTRA as required/scheduled.
  • To work alongside Mike Gunning and Birmingham Hippodrome staff during the production period to install and programme cues for the lighting design into Birmingham Hippodrome and learn it for touring.
  • To arrange and order any touring resources that are needed to take the show on the road i.e. gels/lights
  • To update and finalise the company's technical rider for touring which should include all technical aspects and the lighting notes passed from Mike. The technical rider is to be signed off by James Preston and the TSM will then distribute it to each venue to meet venue deadlines.
  • To transpose lighting plans onto venue plans making best use of the available technical resources through consultation with Mike Gunning.
  • Rigging and setting up the projector at each venue.
  • To liaise with all tour venues in advance of the performance date to discuss technical requirements, get-in's and get-out's.
  • To complete and supply risk assessments for all areas of responsibility in good time and to the satisfaction of RKDC and the touring venues.
  • To provide technical support for the community engagement curtain raiser performances at each location if required.

  • To tour to all performance venues and be the production representative for Rosie Kay Dance Company.
  • To ensure appropriate working standards for performers at each venue and to manage the timing of technical rehearsals.
  • To manage the get-in ensuring the best use of each venues resources to realise the highest standard of production possible.
  • During the performance you will be responsible for managing and operating the live music, projection visuals and lighting, which includes using QLab.
  • To work efficiently and effectively to manage your time within the given deadlines.
  • To drive hired vehicles as required by the schedule, potentially parking the van at your home address.
  • To create and provide final cue sheets, lighting plans and plot sheets to Rosie Kay Dance Company at the end of the contract.
  • All other tasks as deemed appropriate to your role as Technical Stage Manager
  • Rosie Kay Dance Company has an insurance policy, which covers employer's tax and public liability. The Contractor is required to hold their own Public Liability Insurance and to provide a copy.
  • The Technical Stage Manager agrees to act as an advocate for and to uphold the reputation of Rosie Kay Dance Company, throughout the contract period

    • Half day inception meeting and approximately three days planning work from home
    • 31 August 2018 – studio sharing and production meeting in Birmingham
    • 17-19 September 2018 – full time production period in Birmingham
    • 20-21 September 2018 – premiere in Birmingham

2018 tour dates and venues:

  • Birmingham, Birmingham Hippodrome, Thu 20 & Fri 21 Sep
  • Walsall, Forest Arts Centre, Tue 25 Sep
  • Cardiff, Sherman Theatre, Fri 28 & Sat 29 Sep
  • Guildford, GLive, Tue 2 Oct
  • Street, Strode Theatre, Tue 16 Oct
  • South Shields, Customs House, Tue 23 Oct
  • Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Fri 26 Oct
  • London, QEH, South Bank Centre, Thu 8 Nov
  • Liverpool, Capstone Theatre, Sat 10 Nov


  • Self-employed contract.

  • Fee of £4350 paid in agreed instalments.
  • On tour we will provide hotel accommodation plus a per diem of £17.40 (2 meals) or £24.60 (3 meals) for each overnight stay.
    Please contact: James Preston, Executive Director: james@rosiekay.co.uk

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