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d&b D12 problem


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One of our D12s is not playing ball. The output level of channel B is around 30dB lower than channel A, when given the same signal.

Have done all the normal 'process of elimination' tests by swapping everything in the signal chain, so am 100% certain it is a problem on channel B at the output stage.

The input monitor shows similar signal values for both channels.

Prior to this happening, the OVL (overload) LED illuminated, I rebooted the D12 which cleared this indication and cannot replicate the indication.

According to the software manual, in an error condition the OVL may flash and display an error message, however the OVL was constant (not flashing) and there was no signal present.


Any ideas, or similar experiences, before I speak to d&b?

I have recalibrated and run the system check utility, this makes no difference.

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