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Cheap Audio Interface for Live Sound


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Hi all,


I currently have a couple of Presonus 2 input, 2 output USB interfaces. I currently use these for QLab playback and with Smaart measurements.


There has been a couple of times when I have wanted more outputs from one interface specifically for QLab and having more than 2 inputs would of been nice to use more averaging in Smaart (multiple measurement mics).


I came across the Behringer interfaces, specifically the UMC404HD that ticked many of my boxes. Some were:


- 4 Mic/Line switchable inputs

- Main output is on balance XLR connectors (saves extra cables to jump to XLR on small shows)

- 4 Extra outputs for QLab use

- Midi for sending commands to QLab from programmable keys on mixing consoles (something I do a lot)


The next one up I was looking at was another Presonus, the 1818VSL.


At the price of £85 for the Behringer though I am tempted to give it a go? My main issue is with stability over anything else. On the Mac it uses standard core audio drivers so shouldn't be any better/worse than anything else?


Has anyone else used these interfaces and can give me any reviews?


Many thanks,

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