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MagicQ - dual dimmer fixtures


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I'm just about to order some new Chinese spot/wash fixtures, but I'm wondering how best to make the work.


They have two dimmer channels - one for the centre spot section, with the usual colour wheel, gobos and prism but then there is RGBWAU control of the wash section.


I can't for the life of me figure out how to have one fixture with two dimmer channels. Quite a few fixtures are combined in some way, so there has to be a simple control method - bash in the head number and then have a sensible way to make it function. Perhaps the dimmer is the spot section, and then the RGBWAU channels would bring in the wash colours, but then dimmer off would leave them one unless the two dimmer channels can be merged/combined in some way. I'm assuming I'm missing something about controlling these fixtures.


Before I stick the order in, I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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Have a look at7.8 in the manual. This will explain how to use the .1 and .2 etc head selection syntax's.


I'd try and patch it now so you can see what mode options you have available. I've always found multi elements a bit clunky to operate. Personally I patch one unit as two separate heads thus separating the two elements out. E.g. with the Martin Mac Auras.


FWIW this can be done as the main element uses one range of channels (1-19) and the Aura element uses a separate range (20-25) - ie there's no over lap. Where an overlap does exist eg chans 1-10 and 21-25 are the Main fixture and 11-20 is an element this can be much harder to patch as two separate heads but it is possible.

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