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I'm a happy user of PCStage.


You can only use it with its own DMX512 interface, which is the only recompense the author recieves for this system. All uses other than lighting control (eg MIDI, serial, sound, CD playback, MSC yada yada yada) is free.


I only really do amateur shows these days, so I dont get beyond about fifty channels, but do tend to do some fairly odd things with it :-)

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I'll agree, I'm another happy user.


Never had a problem using it and I've been using it for about 2 years now.


In fact on tour in the Autumn last year we had such a mixture of desks that I found it easier to tour my laptop and PC Stage box and run it from that.



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Yeah, movers not the easiest of things to do, bit like using an express or similar, I've been grinding on at Michael for an effects genny, which I'm hoping will pop out of the factory soon. I've told him what I'd like ;) and if he delivers that it'll be really something.


But other than that annoying movers thing, PCStage does really kick serious butt, not only as a really competent lighting controller, but a really competent sound playback machine and as a show controller all at the same time. For all that, I'm willing for it not to be a Hog.


Have you seen my PCStage craziness page http://www.davidbuckley.name/pcs

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