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LED Profile Choices

Don Allen

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Started this as an offshoot of HIGH POWER LEDS Discussion, to continue discussion of LED Profile choices.


I have just ordered two samples of LED-PL2650: 25-50 degree Zoom 200W COB LED Profile Spot Ellipsoidal RGBWAU from MS Lighting as I like six led colours to give me a wider colour spectrum. I use Light Factory for most of my shows so the advanced colour heuristic feature works for most shows. I did several Perth (WA) Fringe shows recently when using U/V only worked well for some circus acts juggling LED hoops and LED spinning wands.


However, I saw six of these LIGHT SKY 8800-C42 during the week and the choice of Red, Orange Red, Green Mint, Green, Blue, Indigo seems hopeful of a reasonable face colour from a LED profile. Documentation is good, need to find a supplier and pricing to get samples.

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