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Senny XSW-1 series


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Afternoon all

Are the Sennheiser XSW-1 series usable with the internal antenna?

Or do you need the XSW-2 series or greater?


We have a chapel that has an old AKG belt pack & headset mic on Ch68/69.

It's now giving series issues with mobile phone interference and isn't in the regulation free band any more.


It's only used once a month or so for certain services as there are decent goosenecks on the lectern and pulpit that cover 90% of the usage.


Is an XSW-1 usable or does the internal antenna render the reception useless? The receiver is in a cabinet racked up with the mixer amp, video splitters and all that sort of thing.

Do I need to spec an EW100 to replace to ensure reception, or one of the Thomann offerings, or is the XSW-1 okay in practice?

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We've had good results from XSW-2 in a number of similar installations. It sits at a price point that many customers can cope with, EW100 is a bit of a jump for many "non-professional" users.


I haven't specified XSW-1 for anything yet, for the difference in price it didn't seem worth it for me. There are plenty scenarios where XSW-1 would be an appropriate choice, but if you do a "risk assessment" for your situation, how much is it worth to avoid potential dropouts and disruption of services?

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That’s my concern - not even external attached, there’s literally no antenna nor socket on the box, just a square box.


Part of me thinks that clearly sounds terrible - alternatively though on the other hand it is Sennheiser, so you hope it’d be okay.

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