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Martin LC1140 Led Panels

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Hello guys I need some help with the martin led panels.

I have 8 Martin LC1140 LED Panels.

And I have a question about using them stacked 4 and 4 on top of eachother (2x4m)

In the manual it says "Up to 6 panels may be connected in series (daisy-chained) to the DVI output in first generation" but why cant I use 2 more?

My graphic card is powerfull and the cable distance between the screen and my server is 2meter, DVI cable length is max 9meters in total.

Will the led panels flicker or what is the restriction?


My setup is; Server -> bufferbox -> 8 panels daisy-chained.


I have not tried it yet, I need to know why the manual says that it wont work first. will I damage the panels if I hook up 8panels instead of 6?



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Its nothing to do with your graphics card, its a hardware restriction. Most older LED panels/controllers especially ones that feed over DVI have the restriction to make sure everything stays in sync.


You also need a splitter box, not just a buffer to do more than 6 panels

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