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Project Manager


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Job Title - Project Manager

Department - Delivery Team

Location - Guildford, Surrey

Reports to - Head of Events

Salary - £32,000 - £36,000



Job Purpose


The production of all events from conception through to completion.


Key Responsibilities

  • Project Management including - scheduling, timelines, running orders
  • Technical specification
  • Interpretation of technical drawings
  • Costing & budget management
  • Booking specialist suppliers (set / stage etc)
  • Site visits & Venue liaison
  • Manage onsite crew
  • Business Development
  • Booking freelancers
  • Onsite rigging and operating of equipment
  • Provide technical support to the warehouse
  • The role of Project Manager varies depending on the event and type of event involved.
  • Attending on behalf of Peachy: Meetings, Exhibitions and fairs, Conferences, Promotions and product launches, Awards ceremonies, Fundraising and social events


Typical work activities

  • Producing detailed proposals for events (e.g. timelines, suppliers, staffing and budgets)
  • Ensuring insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are adhered to
  • Coordinating, sub-contractors and equipment hire
  • Coordinating staffing requirements and staff briefings
  • Coordinating suppliers, handling client queries and troubleshooting on the day of the event to ensure that all runs smoothly
  • Overseeing the dismantling and removal of the event and clearing the venue efficiently
  • Post-event evaluation (including data entry and analysis and producing reports for Directors)


Desirable Quality's

  • Excellent computer skills including word / excel
  • High level of accuracy and attention to detail
  • Thorough technical understanding of equipment
  • Comprehensive knowledge of suppliers
  • Comprehensive knowledge of equipment across different areas of the industry
  • Well spoken, confident and well presented
  • Ability to work within constrained budgets with limited resources
  • Demonstrated team management skills
  • Close adherence to company policy
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • A balance between creative and fiscal skills
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Ethical approach to Business
  • Strong Team player

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