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Next Problem with AP


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There is the capture frame which opens normally, but there is no black backround like in the functional times...Its grey...you can use the buttons...and the Camera play back and foreword(and all the stuff)...But there are no frames or sounds which came from the Camera per FireWire on the PC...(and that is very annoying)...


In former times it works but yet...I think the drivers are non functional


Please help...I need to have a working Adobe Premiere bevor a can hear my new Dizzee Rascal LP...

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Sorry when I didn't gave you a nov information...To solve the problem...


I have found the error which is commit to this capture Problem:


Error connecting to Microsoft DV Divers

Premiere was unable to connect the native Microsoft DV support this machine.

This setting was designed to work with an OHIC 1394 (Firewire, iLink)card with an approved Microsoft driver.

If you have installed the included with your OHCI 1394 (Firewire, iLink)card,please uninastall those drivers, use the install new hardware settings in the control panel to install the the Microsoft drivers.

If you have installed another capture card, please use that card's custom project settings.

If this was working, and you just installs another application or a driver update, please unistall those.



And I try to do all this stuff... but I think I don't understand this text very well...and so it doesn't work jet...Please could anyone tell me what is should do to solve tha capture problem...in nice understandable(?) english... Pleeeease B-R-P pimp my adobe premiere

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I've read this a couple of times, but still can't quite work outwhat you are saying?


Firstly, does plugging in the DV camera bring up the windows panel when it autodetects the camera? If it doesn't then this is the thing to sort first, If it does, then it is a premiere issue.


It isn't clear if you can or can't control the camera from inside premiere?


I've never come accross a grey box.


more info please - saying exactly what does work, and what doesn't, and at what point does that error message appear - and what were you doing. Oh yes, what version are you running 6.5???




I had a very similar problem that turned out to be that I'd damaged the mini-dv socket on the camera plugging it in 180 degrees wrong! Only a new socket will cure this. symptoms are simple, no control or auto import.

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I'm sorry if you didn't understand me, my english isn't so good.

And the problem is very hart to explain, sorry.


But I'm thinking you are right in saying that it is a premiere issue.

I had capture some video stuff with a other program ("windows-media...").

But the captured AVI. doesn't work with out rendering on AP...


And I can control the camera with AP...but there is no Signal coming from the cam... Please...I need my capture option...

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if the only way it will play is after premiere has rendered it, then it sounds like a format mismatch. Premiere re-renders when the source material is a different format to the project format settings. If premiere has to re-render, and other windows playback programmes won't play at all (I think this is what you are saying) then it's likely to be a camera issue. If windows media player and others play the material direct, then suspect a setting mismatch in premiere. If premiere can control the camera playback controls, then format issues are pretty well the only option left to try.
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