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HK monitors or something else?


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I'm looking at purchasing 4 used or new HK audio pro 12m to start replacing my monitor fleet. I can pick them up for £250 each new, probably have to do that on finance. or pick up their predecessors 2nd hand.

at some point soon I'm going to have to start hiring if I don't buy, and that's at least £60 for a set of 4 (not hk) so it makes sense to start buying.

we have a rag tag collection of older monitors and then a fleet mk1 wharfdales which we share with a colleague and which he plans on selling very shortly, hence the need for new - I was hoping ot get some more shows through the books this year before I started to look but my hand is now forced.

I want to stick with the horn over driver pattern but looking for someone to say..they are ok for the money, great, or rubbish, buy these.


I'm running passive, single amp channel per monitor.

at the pro end we do 60s festivals with name artists, and 60s shows and more recent tributes in theatres.

at the amateur end we do local festivals with amateur musicians, where they can be a bit more rowdy but quality isn't as important. we also do community event and acoustic festivals where the wharfdales have never been wanting.

and we do bigger rooms, ballrooms etc for functions.

compared with the wharfdales im looking for more volume (hopefully before feedback!) and quality that the pro clients won't be sniffy about. we aren't in rider terratory here, most theatres are 4-500 cap - the wharfdales could be harsh sounding.

opinions please one and all?

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