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Covert headset / earpiece for tecpro comms


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Hello all,


Does anyone have a recommendation or suggestion for a covert earpiece and mic for a standard tecpro compatible Comms system? 4 pin xlr.


The application is actually for an Altair wireless Comms system, but needing the light weight discrete solution of radio Comms - but full duplex with traditional Comms.


Hoping to avoid linking a traditional radio system with a traditional wired system with the magic Cranford box...


Many thanks


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I’m sure one of my colleagues that had the Altair system said that you could connect straight in to the Tecpro?

I’ve made Tecpro to earpiece adapters before by just making a 4pin XLR to mono 3.5mm. I never got the mic side working as it had an impedance differentiation I couldn’t quickly solve.


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