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Gobo for Strand Patt 293


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At our venue, we were planning on using a gobo on one of our spots. We have 5 spots: 4 Chauvet 400g followspots and one Strand Patt 293. We are using all 4 Chauvet's as followspots to the side, but we wanted a spot in the middle to use a gobo. The middle spot is the previously mentioned Strand Patt 293. When searching if the Patt 293 supported any gobos, there was not much information, but I found a link that showed that a C size gobo with a Rosco GH10 gobo holder would work. Link here: GHold_Guide.pdf Even if this is true, where should I put it? Here is the data sheet for the Patt 293: patt293_patt294datasheet.pdf



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Yes it's C size for a 293.


Last ones I bought a couple of years ago were special order from Rosco as there are not many lanterns left that take them.




Do you know where to put the gobo holder because my friends and I could not find a place to put a gobo holder into? Also I found, at the link below, that an A sized gobo can also be used using a Rosco GH11.


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Yes an A size with that holder should work, although I've never used that myself.


The slot for the gobo holder is in the top roughly at the focal plane where the shutters and iris are.

The blurb suggests there are "horizontal gate runners" so might be from the sides? I don't remember ever having to put a gobo in one so can't say.

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