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Which venues used the Q-File?

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Hi all,


I'm currently undertaking some research into the Thorn Q-File lighting console. I've found all sorts of digitised documents, tech specs, and operation details scattered across the net (including in the archives of this forum), but what I'm struggling with at the moment is concrete information on which UK venues (especially in London) used the Q-File, and during which productions. I've seen references to installation at Chichester, Birmingham, and the London Hippodrome (as well as several TV studios which are less relevant to my research but which obviously comprised a major portion of its use). I'm currently scouring theatre and electronics industry papers from the early 70s, but there is limited online access to them, so I thought I might be better off asking here.


I'd appreciate any information any of your might have (or suggestions of where I'd be better off looking!). Many thanks.

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to this, which may be far too late.

I've got some information on the Q-File at Theatrecrafts.com (http://www.theatrecrafts.com/pages/home/archive/equipment/detail/?id=20009) and have a large amount of paperwork (drawings) yet to be digitised, along with a large number of Q-File modules which were rescued from BBC Elstree, which had at least two Q-File installations before they were replaced with Galaxy. There were also installations at the Leeds Grand Theatre and BBC Studio A in Birmingham (I have paperwork relating to all of these).

If anyone else wants to research Q-File, let me know. In the meantime, I'll aim to get more stuff on the website.



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I believe I recall talk of a Q-File at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley in the mid 1980s. it had been replaced with a Galaxy.


(I should add I had no experience of the Q-File - consoles at the beginning of my "career" were Duet, Galaxy, and manual Strand desks like the SP60.)

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He hasn't been back to check since Feb 7th, 4 days after his one and only post - so I doubt he'll read this now.

really? I had noticed, but pictured him checking avidly on a daily basis, overcoming his disappointment time after time, until finally he received an answer.

Never give up hope!

( a bit like the England football team, or so I'm told.)

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