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Accommodation In Bath

James C

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I've got to find digs for the company (4 people) in Bath from 30th Dec - 2nd January. Of course, being New Year time means prices seem to be dafter than usual, and as its New Year, I'm keen to get them somewhere as palatial as I can (being a kindly sort of chap!), despite a v.tight accomodation budget. Anyone know of anywhere (needs to be in town) that is both inexpensive and wonderful?
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You could do a lot worse than the University's halls, particularly Polden Court (though it's a bit more than the other halls). The link for the Accomodatiojn office is: http://www.bath.ac.uk/accommodation/


Steer well clear of the YMCA - some touring crew were once booked there and having seen it refused to stay. The YHA on Bathwick Hill's OK and the Royal Oak is supposed to be good - its where the guys who were booked into the YMCA stayed.


The Royal Oak

Pulteney Rd

Bath Avon


Tel: 01225 335587


Of course if you don't want to be central then I know more about the country pubs than the town hotels etc. <_<




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