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SCS Device Map Transfer


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I am struggling with getting device maps to transfer between my theatre's windows 7 desk top machine running scs 11.5.3 and my own Windows 10 laptop running the same version.


The scenario is as described in the help documentation. 8 channels of M-audio at the theatre and two channels of on board sound card on my laptop.


The production folder is created in my dropbox and everything else transfers well.


Whenever I open the show file on the theatre machine having previously opened it on my laptop I have to re-enter the device settings and apply changes. Whenever I open the show file on my laptop having previously opened it on the theatre machine the same thing happens.


Is this to do with Windows 10 not having the appdata folder maybe and scs not being able to save a device map file there?


I use Chamsys MagicQ for lighting and recent versions have moved show file storage from an "appdata" to a "my documents" folder.


The possibility of making changes to an scs show file remotely during a rehearsal period is most useful. (We always disconnect from the internet for the performances).


Any suggestions.


Many Thanks

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Using 11.6.2 and transfering files via a USB stick no problems.

Do you actually copy the files from dropbox onto the destination computer? try that and once you have updated the device map on the destination computer it should remember it

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We use SCS, running 11.6.2 and have a similar issue. As the sparky, I'm not the resident expert, but I am frequently the person who loads the files for get ins.


I think that they problem is probably in moving from one OS (Win 10) to another (Win 7). We're rolling out to Windows 10 on all of our computers in a few months, so it will be interesting to see if it's still an issue then... According to my colleague who is an SCS buff, it is a known historical issue. Because we edit our SCS files in rehearsals on a Windows 10 machine, the device map for our show computer (Win 7) and soundcard isn't available during editing and needs to be updated when we load the file onto the show machine. There was a brief time in V11.6.0 when we were able to set the default device map on our show computer and it stuck when we imported show files, but alas, no longer.


It's no biggie though; as soon as I load the show onto your show computer, I change the device in the production properties as a matter of procedure now. It's a frustrating bug, but it's only a couple of clicks.

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