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I have a COURT BLACK BOX SYSTEM loaded with 1400w 18 sound drivers in the subs and JBL E120 and 18 sound 2" in the tops.


What are the best crossover points, slopes and filters for these boxes? I am currently using 180 hz and rolled off at 28 hz - mid highs are set at 180 up to 1k8

tops 1k7 upwards.....


using a DBX PA drive rack.......


Seem to have a slight "honk" at the moment round the 200/225 hz area.

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Dear Chatterbox,


I've seen the boxes you talk about, though have not heard or used them. 180Hz sounds a bit high to me, and the low-mid honk could be coming from the subs.


I suggest you try lowering the 180 to 120. Someone you could try and email about this, is Ray at Bonza Sound Services. He has some of these Court boxes for sale at the moment, and is sure to have fired them up to test them out. He may be able to offer quick advice.


email: ray@bonza.co.uk


All the best,



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I used to use a Court Black Box system in a club I worked in years ago. Trying to think back (it was probably between thirteen and fifteen years ago!) I'm sure the subs were crossed over at 100Hz or maybe it was 120Hz! :)
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used court black box loads in the past, the system is more a mid/high box and a bass box than a sub, crossovers from memory were 250hz and around 1k5 or 2k, however we often ran 2 bass boxes(1 as sub , 1 as bass) to 1 top box (well it was rave season)


as suggested ask Bonza as he's had boxes for years or Eurohire who used to stock lots of it


oh and to the people who suggested lowering the crossover point: the mid drivers are only 12" and the boxes are 20 year old tech, so your not going to get them going anywhere near that low

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