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Capture is probably the most common, all round design software that's reasonably priced.


There are Wysiwyg and Vectorworks that are the industry standard bits of software, but these are both rather expensive.


All have demo versions available for you too try so download them and have a play.


I personally use Capture a lot for any design and preprogramming work, and also produce decent plots with it.

It has different pricing structures that vary in a the amount of universes that can be controlled for visualisation. The lowest price is around £300 ish.

This doesn't limit the amount of fixtures you can add onto the design if you're just going to use it for plots though.


There are some other bits of software like LX Free, but I'm sure others will mention more.

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I personally find vectorworks my go to software for both 2d and 3d drawings, as mentioned above this is the industry standard software. and for 3d renders I will usually do a data export to Capture Nexum along with my 3D model and use that for the lighting render.


it is worth mentioning that one can render stage lighting within vectorworks its self however I have never found this the most intuitive thing to do. so after trying out both WYSIWYG and Capture I just found capture far easier to use and I personally felt it gave the best results in the least amount of time!



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