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So what's the latest?

I'm just in the process of having my tech staff reduced from three to two.

As far as I can see there's no way I can use the Tallescope with only two technicians.


The forestage isn't strong enough to take a MEWP and a PAV won't go to the edge because of the outriggers.


What are people using? Is the Tallescope on it's way out? Is the ABTT code of practice the definitive word on usage?


Why don't people think to ask the Technical Manager before arbitrarily cutting staff to save money?


Thanks in advance.....Is that the sound of a can of worms opening...?



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If you follow the manual, you can use a tallescope with just one person if you so wish. Whether that is advisable with regards to lone working or not depends on your own assessments. AFAIK, the ABTT COP relates to moving an occupied tallescope, and, if I recall correctly, requires at least four people (basket, pusher, puller, supervisor) anyway...!



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There are Genie PAVs without outriggers; we have an IWP 25S. However, you still have to dismount and pump it up before moving it, and is quite heavy so is best operated with 2 people present. And they are probably more expensive than an extra member of staff... Is there any scope for getting an additional technician on for fit ups etc as a casual shift?


As far as ABTT Tallescope guidelines go, they are here http://www.abtt.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Code-of-practice-for-use-of-Tallescopes-for-working-at-height-in-theatres-Complete.pdf


Pun totally unintended, sorry. It's not a nice situation in which you find yourself.

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