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international Code of practice for entertainment rigging


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Some of you may be aware a group of people from the rigging community around the globe have been working on a code of practice for entertainment rigging (ICOPER) which has now been published, and if this is the first you have heard of it then this is a bit more about it.


The practices described in the Code are intended to provide a universal foundation for those engaged in planning, managing and executing entertainment rigging.


The aim of this is not to be this is how its done or a 'dummies guide to rigging', its aim is to provide all involved in the production a way to check they are following industry best practice. it covers many rigging practices and encompasses automation and performer flying and hopefully highlights a few points that some may not have considered when planning a production involving suspending equipment.


Its not just intended for riggers but all involved in productions to hopefully give a better understanding of what may be involved, be it giving the riggers more appropriate information about what you want them to hang or just checking you have everything covered.


This is the first draft and has taken many years to get to this stage, there has been lots of back and forth over how things are worded in order to be relevant to every country so that if you are taking a tour round the world you stand some chance of being able to comply with rigging requirements.


The code of practice is free to download, and if you fill in the form we will update you with any updates as they come out. we are also interested in any constructive feedback or comments from users


download link



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