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EAW KF730 amplification


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Hi, I'm after some opinions on how best to configure the amplification of the club/live PA we have. Basically the setup is as follows:


4x Flown EAW KF730 (bi-amp) a side.

6x SB1000 ground stacked as a mono block under the stage

UX8800 System controller


Amplifiers I have available are

4x Lab.Gruppen LAB4000

3x Lab.Gruppen LAB2002


KF730: http://eaw.com/docs/...Manual_revB.pdf

Lab2002: http://www.marketing...shx?t=qv&v=6269

Lab4000: http://www.marketing...shx?t=qv&v=6266


Currently I have 3 of the Lab4000s on the VLF, a Lab4000 on the LF and a Lab2002 on the MF/HF. This leaves 2x Lab2002 spare. I'm very aware however that this doesn't have enough grunt in the LF or any headroom in the MF/HF. Is there any way I could configure this to better utilise all of the amplifiers?


I did consider getting hold of another Lab4000 and running 2 of them in bridge mono for each side of the LF and then doing the same with the Lab2002s for the MF/HF. The MLS switches on the Lab amps could be used on the -5dB settings to better match them to the speakers and avoid any overheating. Would this approach work? My main concern is that running the amplifiers in bridge mono indefinitely could put too much stress on them, although the manufactures specs seem to suggest that they could handle it.


Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated



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