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Barco FLMHD20 vs Panasonic DZ21K vs Christie Roadster 20KJ


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Hello everyone,


It's my first message on this forum...


I would like to have the opinion of those who know these three machines:

Panasonic PT-DZ21K

Barco FLM HD20

Christie Roadster HD20KJ


Which one do you prefer in terms of image beauty, sharpness, brightness, lens quality, lamp reliability ...?


I have already tested the Panasonic with a 0.8: 1 on a picture of 15 meters base (film and photos).

It was OK but not exceptional either, certainly because of the lens that bridles the potential of the projector.


I was told that Pansonic optics were really worse than those of Christie and Barco.


What do you think ?

Thank's !


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I think to be fair you should be looking at the Barco HDX-W20 rather than the FLM as the HDX is more in line with the other two. FLM'sxare quite old.


We own HDX's so I'm biased, but the build quality is better than the Pana's and I far prefer the image in my opinion.

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Personally I would pick the Panasonic over the other 2. But mainly due to size, noise, and weight with the Barco and Christie being all of the previous in abundance. The Panasonic will give you a better image than the HD-20 - not sure about the Christie.
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