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Choosing OK Quality RGB LED bar/strip from Alieexpress


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Hello to all of you,


Are there people here that can recommend an OK quality LED bar/strip (RGB) from Aliexpress or any other online seller.


I have recently started my own wedding service and looking for some nice RGB wash lights to illuminate white marquee roofs ( wedding tent roofs )


LED bars seem to be perfect shape wise to install on the roof beam with truss clamps.


As we are new and struggling with the finance we were hoping to ask some first-hand experience from people that purchased, tried RGB wash fixtures from Aliexpres or Alibaba.


We prefer a lightweight LED bar or LED strips that can do RGB on Auto mode and are reasonably OK built and don't die after first few hundred hours of use.


Or if you have a bad experience perhaps also share your encounter + weblink.


Thanks for any tips, links and or advice.


Kind regards Josh

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