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Lighting Design - Form and Distribution


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Within the past few weeks, I have both taught and taken classes on lighting design. As any lighting designer knows, you have to use both technical and scientific approaches to lighting a stage. Example: If you were creating an extremely sad scene, you wouldn't use warm colors. Psychology suggests that since blue is a darker color, we perceive sadness as blue.


My question is about form. In these past couple classes, I have received several different ideas about form on stage...and I was wondering if anybody here would like to share their opinion, or give a better understanding.


My idea of form was that it is everything that intensity, color, movement, and direction are not. However, form is influenced by these qualities of light. Form is how an object appears on stage according to the angle light hits it, the color, the size of the beam, and the softness of the beam. When our eye sees this, our binocular vision adds depth, which is how an optical illusion might be achieved.


I'm interested in hearing your responses,


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