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Black Rosco BP or cyc and sharkstooth?


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Hello, we are planning a new production and want a rear cyc. But of course a white cyc just looks wrong unless its lit. And would like the cyc not to be such a big statement in itself and be able to dissapear.

Options are either:


1. A standard white gauze with a black scrim in front and LED battens in between.

2. Black Rosco BP screen


Merits of each system? We only really want colour on it - no hi res images or anything. Thinking about viewing angles - neither system is going to be great is it, and we will be in The Roundhouse so lots of off axis viewing going on.


If option 1 then what would you recommend for each material, and where to rent. I guess any old white cyc, and black sharkstooth in front. Any advice on distance between, and what are good LED cyc lights these days? Will be renting.

If option 2 then where to rent and is it going to have more or less light yield? probably be a lot more expensive eh?



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