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Tecpro volume control


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Not sure where to post this, but I need to source a replacement edgewise pot x2 for a BP114 comma box.

I know I'm being lazy but it's not always easy identifying the right part from online catalogues so I thought it was worth asking just in case anyone has a part number to hand for one of the regular suppliers.

I've not dismantled it yet so don't even know the value, but I don't suppose it's too critical.

Thanks in advance

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I don't think it is a sideways pot. It looks almost like a normal pot, but with a hole to attach the knob to rather than the more usual shaft. You could probably use a normal pot, and fit a BP5 knob as that looks like its meant to fit a standard D shaft. I've got a Tecpro pack at work so I can open it up and have a look tomorrow if you like.
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