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Tinhao Dimmer Reset

Don Allen

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Got the dimmer on my workbench today. it is a processor fault, the dimmer may work properly for a while, then the display does random things, from no display, to toggling from Chinese to English characters, to random characters. Presence of DMX causes a flicker on the display. No reset options in the handbook, no battery so must be eeprom for setup data.


Will order a replacement processor module. Problem could be heat related as they has three dimmer racks sitting on top of each other with no gap for convection cooling.

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I don't have any knowledge of the specific unit, but there are several simple things could cause that if you want to dig further

1) Bad PSU causing "brown out", check the processor supply is stable and smooth. Could be dried out cap or dry joint on regulator due to repeated heating/cooling

2) If board has separate eprom/flash for firmware, try pulling out (if socketed) or resoldering the flash pins. A single dodgy data line or address line can cause the firmware to randomly go off. I know separate eprom is a bit old hat but a lot of chinese cloned designs still use it.

3) Bad crystal oscillator on the processor

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