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Robe Colourspot 1200 and a dimmer at 30% don't mix...


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Hi all,


Just found out one of our Robe Colourspot 1200s was plugged into a dimmer at 30% ish by one of our students by mistake. All I know is that it will not power on. Does anyone know where to start to get it back up and running? I fear that I'll need sending off to be looked at properly.



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Ouch. Dimmer at 30% is probably the worst possible thing to do to an "intelligent" fixture.


The PSU is almost certainly destroyed. If it's a magnetic (1200 AT) ballast unit that might have survived, if electronic (1200E AT) it probably didn't.

There may be other damage too.


Needs to go to a Robe dealer/service centre.


This is why I like 15A for dimmed and 16A Ceeform for hot power. It makes it so much less likely to accidentally connect something non-dimmable to a dimmer.

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