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Properties of MDF

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Anyone out there know anything about MDF?

I've just put a mezannine in my warehouse, but have ended up using 18mm MDF rather than ply boards. It is Dexion Speedlock rather than "proper" mez flooring, but is just for storage, rather than being walked on day-to-day.

Now I have been actually putting stuff up on it, I've noticed a very slight flexing in the board. Not a great deal, but certainly more than the 18mm ply on the racking next to it. I was wondering if anyone knows how much play there is in MDF, and whether I'd get much warning of it about to give way??!!! I think ply would groan and split giving me at least a hint it was on it's way, but I have the nasty feeling that MDF would just snap. Anyone ever broken an 8x4' sheet? (My boards are supported every 3')

I'd rather find out and put supports in (not going to replace it with ply,I have toys to buy!) now, than when I'm lying on the ground with broken ankles surrounded by broken MDF!

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