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UHF Spectrum

Andrew C

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I believe that in the past we have discussed (and I should remember anyway) what the correct spacing of UHF channels is. It is something like every third channel is OK, but not multiples of 5.


Can someone confirm please? I've Googled, but feel that I'm asking the wrong question.


The scenario is that we have a few cameras and TVs around the venue, and want to add a couple. We would like to plan where we put them in the spectrum rather than taking pot-luck!

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Nowhere as easy as that. In practice, you can get more broadcast channels in than you can get channels generated from cheaper modulators. The 'real' tv channels are bandwidth shaped and are not symetrical, while the modulators need a wider bandwidth slot to sit in as they don't use vestigial sideband, but double sideband instead (a lot simpler to generate and no filtering required)


A UK spec tv signal has a 5.5MHz bandwidth, so every 3 TV channels is generally fine for proper signals, but add a few modulated sources and the spacing may have to go up.


Well worth borrowing an analyser and having a look at where the gaps are - so much stuff around now that finding clear slots is getting very difficult - especially as it's quite common to find radio mics in there too!

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