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Element Labs VersaTILE

Tom Baldwin

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I'm looking for people's experiences of using VersaTILE - I saw it at PLASA last year and thought it looked fabulous, but would welcome practical observations from the field.


For the gig I'm considering it for, there's too much else going on for us to do it in house, so I'd be looking for a complete wet hire - any recommendations for companies who could provide the complete system, including stock video of an appropriate sort, plus preprocessing (assuming any is necessary) of a small amount of custom work we already have?






P.S. one consideration would be how close to a wall it can be placed? Is it practical to build and cable a wall of it, and then shuffle it back once the cabling's complete?


EDIT: forgot to say, gig location is Berkshire, so any London/ SE company would be fine

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for a fantastic insight I would reccomend (and I recommend this to everyone... its fantastic!) the Tiesto (sp?) dvd. Can't remember the name, but its live dvd of one of his gigs in Holland. absolutely outstanding


EDIT: the actual dvd is simply "Tiesto Live In Concert"








The versaTILE's are arranged around the DJ and there are some absolutely fantastic visuals during the show. you can just see some of them on the bottom photo but they aren't great!



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I have teched VERSATile on a number of shows now (inc PLASA), it is amazing kit, Projected Image (as Micheal stated) are the company to use (also national distributers), not sure who else has got it. If you want additional info, PM me and we can talk.


Using PixelMAD to map video images over the tiles is very effective and has been used on a number of shows recently, including UK Music Hall Of Fame after show party, Westlife at LWT, & many others.


I love the effect it creates, it is best to get a wet hire as you say due to it still being quite a new technology. As for clips, I think the hired servers do come with some material, but as for you own, as long as quicktime will play the clips, PixelMAD will too.


To top it off David & Rob at PID are really approachable!

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