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Off the back of this homework, we are going to get 2 of our mac 250s out this weekend....



Remember when doing this that the Mac 250 has Dichroic Filters.


These work by reflecting back the vast majority of colours and only allowing a small part of the spectrum through.

This means that (for example) the Red filter will look Cyan to the naked eye, as Green and Blue are reflected back.


Compare this to normal gels which "absorb" all other colours, meaning they appear the same colour as the light they produce.


My knowledge on all this is a bit rusty, would be great if someone else could chime in, correct me if I'm wrong, and refresh my memory!




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Peters shines a green spotlight and a red spotlight at a red curtain.


Peter is very silly to shine a green spotlight at a red curtain. The green light is wasted which is wrong. The energy saving police will take poor Peter away and put him in the energy wasters prison. This has no lights, not red, not green, nor even white.


Peter should have been good and turned out the green light. He will learn to be better in future.


Peter was also a little silly to shine a red light at a red curtain. It would have been more sensible to buy a white bulb to shine at the red curtain. White bulbs are cheaper than red ones. Peter now knows this.


When Peter is released from the energy wasters prison, he will be a better citizen and will never again shine green lights at red curtains, nor even red lights at green curtains.




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