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Surface Temp Fluorescent Tubes


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Average under normal working conditions ? or worst case under fault, failure or misuse conditions ?


The ends get hotter than the middle under both normal and fault conditions, or more accurately the very ends may be relatively cool but a few cm in from the ends is the hottest part.


Copper iron control gear runs the lamps hotter than modern electronic ballasts.


I have measured a surface temperature under normal operating conditions of about 50 degrees in the middle of a lamp and about 75 degrees at the hottest points near the ends. That was a 58 watt lamp on an electronic ballast in a warm room.


Not certain what the upper limit under fault conditions is, but I have seen cases where the glass has softened enough to result in a pinhole being sucked into the glass.




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Thanks for all the information !


I imagine the temperature may be increased in a luminescent environment (on a stage ** laughs out loud **).


That's great was looking at high temperature cable to run behind the lamp, but LED are looking like a better option and connect at one end which should illeviate the problem although cables resistant to around 130deg arnt too expensive !


I'm surprised by how little information is out there. Managed to find a little proper research, but only regarding T5 lamps.


Removing the need for ballasts will also remove a considerable cost !

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