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Showtec Phantom 250 service/wiring guide.


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My son and I have acquired a pair of showtec 250 phantom CMY washed.


He is not a typical 12yr old as he has a 10ft lighting bar (led par, moving head, old halogen scanners, more....) in his bedroom ( standard semi-detached house ;))


I am teaching him basic programming, control, Electronic skills, DMX, etc.


The showtecs have previously been partly dismantled, I can't be 100% sure the low voltage wiring is as intended although I have not had an in depth look as yet.


I can see on the Head control board, it has DMX, 12v and another input (4 pin) to the main control board. I am yet to determine the function of this last cable.


We suspect the main control boards are dead, but if I can use the stepper drive on the head board via DMX that would be a big bonus.


We can build a replacement microcontroller and stepper drive for both but it would be nice to see if we can resurrect the original electronics.


Does anyone know of a source for a wiring diagram or service manual?


Cheers Rob and Toby

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