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Standing room capacity


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According to ABTT's "Technical Standards"...


Standing area for spectators allow 0.3m^2 per person.


However, other factors should be considered, such as:

- Number, location and width of fire exits

- Nature of event (i.e. is the audience going to move around a lot - e.g. rock concert)


According to the HSE Event Safety Guide...


Generally, 0.5m^2 per person... for outdoor music events.


I would've thought all rooms licenced for performance would have a pre-existing audience capacity deemed by the licencing authority.

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Looking at architects data;


Very tightly packed (think london underground) - 6 / m2

Tightly packed - 4 / m2

Normal - 2.5 / m2


I would measure out a 2 x 1 m grid on the floor and see how comfortable you are with 5 people in it.


You need to subtract from this: space for aisles and clear access to exits etc.

All of this depends on the overall size of room, number of exits, and finally licensing approval.


I highly recommend "Neufert - Architects Data". This is expensive at maybe £40, but you should find a copy at a library. This shows planning details for various buildings from Hotels to Stadiums including good examples.


The safe answer is to find out who will be licensing the event and ask them how they would calculate the number.






(posted at the same time as above, but I would go towards a smaller density if at all possible).

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