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Avolites titan timecode errors


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Hi all.


Im currently preprogramming a show using an external midi timecode source and a quartz.


90% of the time the timecode record function works perfectly when stepping through a cuelist to record the releveant timecode to each cue - however for some reason I cannot work out it will seemingly at random decide to skip a cue.


So the expected timecode value appears one cue later than expected and it leaves the cue it was suppose to record the value against as disabled.


Not the end of the world but pretty frustrating!!


Any ideas?

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Is your programmed times in the same format as the incoming timecode? I had the same issue when testing for a show that I had programmed against 30 frames a second timecode then when I got the final track it had 25 FPS time code so it was skipping any cues that had frames 26-30
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Try recording the timecode with "timecode disabled"

I do believe that when you're pressing go, its firing a cue and then firing it instantly.


This would make perfect sense actually! I will try that later and report back.



It isnt a FPS thing as I have full control of the timecode settings.



Thanks both.

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