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Chamsys inbuilt UPS


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Hi all, just a little query.


I've recently just bought my own MQ60. Did some brief bits on it at home for about 20 mins and then when I was finishing just unplugged it before I'd shut it down and it died straight away, no UPS "power has been lost" etc message. Is this because being a new console the UPS will need to charge from empty? How long would that roughly take for reference. Or is this a problem...



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Hi Craig,


This does not sound normal. When you power on the MQ60 if you look on the rear of the console just above the powercon connector you'll see a red flashing LED. How fast does this flash? If its a steady once a second then this indicates the UPS is functioning as expected. If its much faster it indicates a UPS fault.

Drop me an e-mail direct or to (support 'at' chamsys.co.uk) or give me a call in the office and we'll get this sorted for you.



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