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Hi all


So I've recently just become the owner of an MQ60 console (value around £4k for reference) to help me with my personal projects (pre-vising at home, taking to one offs so I can do a better show than just venue desk, little personal passion projects etc.) I don't really expect to be dry hiring to anybody beyond "mates", but I have already got it down for some occasions where it's being hired with me (so a rate for desk hire on top of my dayrate).


Just wondering what the insurance situation should be? I obviously should be getting it insured but how... I've never really done any single items like laptops or whatever before either so totally new territory. My PLI is with Crew Cover if that makes any difference.


Thanks in advance, Craig

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I have my main equipment insurance with Towergate. They matched a price off Musicguard this year as was cheaper. I have also been impressed with Allianz specialised musician cover as taken out a policy to cover a new keyboard & they offer £500 cover for accessories. Would assume you should categorise it under DJ equipment. They also do 0% monthly instalments & 12 months for the price of 11. Hope this helps.
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Admittedly I'm in Australia so things could be different, but...


So long as gear is for personal/hobby use, the home and contents insurance company allows us to add on certain high value items (my mixer, my computer and certain other bits and pieces) and to include a clause allowing them to be used outside the house. We also pay for a "new for old" policy so I keep hoping somebody will steal a bunch of my stuff.


Besides the very expensive stuff, there's a clause that allows a certain number of unspecified items up to (I believe) $2000 each.


Where it gets messy is if the gear is used as part of a commercial enterprise. Luckily the theatres that actually pay have all their own gear so mine stays at home--even if I used the home stuff to edit effects or whatever, it would be impossible to determine whether the computer is being used to type this message or add compression to a particular sound effect.

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