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Chamsys & strand show net


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It's been a long time since I used these nodes, but you have to edit a config file and then use a command line FTP to 'put' the file onto the node. "IOFTP" was bundled with the desk OS for this purpose. You can still download the software from Strands website. You need the C5 and CN files. You'll have to install it as an off-line system on your PC.
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I have an SN103. I recall (I think) that if you open it up you can plug in a ps2 qwerty keyboard and monitor like you can on a sn100/102 etc.


I think it's control x to exit the node software and get to a dos prompt. You can then type "edit 220node.cfg" and edit in the usual way. You may need to install a dos editor.


Does this ring any bells with anyone?


It's been a while since I did this but I recall Shownet was very advanced for its time it was easy to combine DMX streams etc using a node. For example you can set up a pair of standalone sn103's to send 4 DMX universes over 1 cat5.


Shownet works well with Chamsys.


All good fun!

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So the truss mount 103 has a daughter bord linking the intel PCB and the strand pcb this daughter board has a VGA port and useing it with the ps2 keyboard port on the strand pcb I can exit the strand OS and get into dos :)


But it has no edit instaled :( I've also used the same daughter board in one of the rack mount 103's and found the same.


I can't think of a way to install edit directly, but I do have a 510 that has the strand FTP client and I'm going to try to FTP in the config files and possibly even edit :)


Does anyone know if I can use a win FTP client eg filezilla I've had a quick go but can't login

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Only way I found of doing this is to have a 32 bit machine (PC/laptop) loaded up with Console software Ci (or C5) and CN. A 500 console is ideal for this.

Depending on the machine, run IOFTPDOS or IOFTP32 for transferring and editing the 220node.cfg file.


I have tested a couple of nodes (104, 110) and both seem to work without any noticeable fault when connected to chamsys.


I did have a version of shownet configuration software but that is now in the world of once upon a time.


The 500 series software is adequate for configuring nodes.



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