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Dry Ice Supplier for Reigate, Surrey


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It's been a while since we used dry ice in a performance. We used to use a supplier called Ice Cooling (I think), but I'm not sure they exist anymore.

Could anyone please recommend a supplier local to us - Reigate, Surrey?

Thank you


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I'd second the call for Green Gases in Hampshire - we use them sometimes in North London with no issues.


Another company based in London is Eskimo Ice. They deal more with the events/conference side of things rather than theatre but the few times we've used them, they've been fine.


I'm a little cautious around BOC at the moment - the level of service is really dependent on which depot you get routed to and we've had a couple of issues over the years where the 'theatre' supplies have dried up as hospitals and/or heavy industry have taken priority



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