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Sure Headset Into AKG Beltpack


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Hey Everyone


I am looking for an adapter to plug a Shure style (screw mini jack) into a AKG belt pack (mini xlr)

Googling shows me a few but they all seem to be in Aus. Anyone know of anywhere that stocks them or anyone have a few laying around that they don't need? I just need two or three.




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Hi Will


Do you need the headsets back on the mini jacks again afterwards, or is this a permanent fix? If so then I'd go for a quick soldering job and just cut the connector off. Means you can do a nice heatshrink job on the cable too.


Bit confused though - are you sure you mean Shure type? Shure tends to be 4 pin mini xlr, AKG tends to be 3 pin mini xlr. Sennheiser are the ones with the locking minijack - just thought I'd mention as it might help with googling.

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Yeah I totally mean Sennheiser! I just realised and then came back to edit my post but you have seen my mistake!


I can't cut and solder as I will be using maining the Sennheider system and just one or two AKG's so I want all headsets the same so actors can keep a headset on all show and it doesn't matter which belt pack they have.


I think I have found what I am looking for now though so thanks anyway!

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