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Relay Changeover Switch


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I have got a new project - basically our account managers need to be able to "demo" our rooms capabilities from their iPad with clients. That is easy in principal. The difficult part is that we do corporate events in ballrooms - and being big rectangles designed for configurability, I have no control over how the infrastructure will be set up on the day. There is the possibility that there may be a lighting desk in there already - or perhaps even two. I need to be able to go from "setup" to "demo" then back to the original "setup" reliably and with no interferance from the items that have currently been setup.


What I was thinking was that if I used an ethernet controlled DPDT relay board (1 DPDT relay per universe... so probably a 4 way board) wired with pin 2 on one pole and pin 3 on the other and tying all of the grounds together placed upstream of the patch bay that our techs plug into (either ArtNet/MA nodes or single universe DMX desks depending on the show), I could essentially make my own digitally controlled changeover switch.


Can anyone see an issue with that plan?





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I've done something similar to remotely manage a patch panel for various console input positions around our concert hall. I did however switch the grounds (again via relays).


One thing to note, in case of failure, I connected the default relay position to the show operation patch point, just in case.

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