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Multiplay Audio Loading Error


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I'm using Multiplay to build a cue-list for an upcoming production. I'm trying to insert a playlist cue, which works for the playlist before the show starts but not for the interval music.


I've added the files to the playlist cue, but when I try to cue it, it says "Audio Loading Error: No combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection". Can anyone give any guidance on how to solve this issue?





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Hi Charlotte

I have experienced the same error message when inserting standard audio cues. It has always been due to the file not being the correct format.

When the file is converted to 44100 Hz 16 bit, it then loads ok.

My newer version of Adobe Audition defaulted to some other standard until I spotted the problem, causing just this error.


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From memory it'll only play mp3 or wav files. m4a or other file formats give a similar error and it won't play them.

I think it will play different bit rates but the durations/ timings go awry. I've never properly investigated but I think mp3 files have to be 128k for timings to be displayed correctly.

I always make sure everything is 44.1k / 16 bit wav.

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