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Can anyone help me?


I am starting my own business making childrens keepsake videos. The child will be chroma keyed onto a moving background to give the impression that it is driving a car.

I don't know much about vision mixers and I am unsure of the kind to get.

I will be working at different locations, so it needs to be portable, the inputs will be a vhs player with the moving background and a mini dv camcorder to capture the child. The output will be a monitor and a vhs/dvd recorder.

A second hand vision mixer would be fine.

Any one able to help?


Tracy :)


Moderation - moved to Video & Projection, as it's very clearly a video query ... :(

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we use a Snell & Wilcox magic DaVE for that style of vision mixing. This uses a 2U crate and console.


you can buy them new still and they do appear second hand. (particularly the older analouge units.)



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You could try Bazza's Bazaar for 2nd hand TV & film kit.


Or "Broadcast something" an ebay seller, who by some accounts have no clues about the kit that they are selling. If you know what you want, they seem ok. I've only bought small stuff from them and had no probs.

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