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Multiplay and Screen Monkey


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Evening all,



I have a show next week where the client would also like projections shown in parts of the show. I am using Multiplay for Audio but I haven't had much luck using it for video. I have read on here that a few of you are using Screen Monkey in conjunction with Multiplay. I have downloaded loopbe1 too but I'm not having much luck trying to get Multiplay and Screen monkey to talk to loopbe1. Any ideas what settings I should have on each program? The idea was to use MIDI cues in Multiplay to trigger each video cue in Screen Monkey.




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I had a play with that a while back and never got it working the way I wanted. (At this point somebody will pop up and tell me I'm crazy and they made it work perfectly).


However, in my case, due a mix of Multiplay not being developed and more and the need for more and more video, I bit the bullet and bought the "Standard" version of Show Cue System. I've had it going a few years now and (touch wood) it's been flawless on both audio and video. It might be worth downloading the trial version and have a look/play.

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I have not had any experience with Screen Monkey or Mulitiplay, but we use also use Show Cue System for all of our audio and video playback.

We have found that it handles both very well, with no problems. It can play video and multiple audio feeds to multiple audio outputs, depending on audio card type, with fade in/out, auto play cues all working together seamlessly.

I have seen Screen Monky in use at my venue and it worked well for video playback but that's all it did, they company that brought it in ended up using our SCS for their audio playback needs.

Hope you get it sorted for your show.

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